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Stainless Steel Rods are used to overcome many of the problems caused by galvanic corrosion which can take place between dissimilar metals buried in closed proximity. 
Furse Stainless Steel Rods are highly resistance to corrosion.
Connections to the rods can be by mechanical clamps, compression or by FurseWELD exothermic welding System.

Part no. Diameter (mm) Lenght (mm) Weight (kg) Driving Stud Coupling Spike
Solid Copper Rod
RC010 Ø 15 1200 1.88 ST010 CG013 SP010
RC011 Ø 15 1500 2.35 ST010 CG013 SP010
RC012 Ø 15 3000 4.70 ST010 CG013 SP010
RC015 Ø 20 1200 3.34 ST015 CG013 SP015
RC016 Ø 20 1500 4.18 ST015 CG013 SP015
RC017 Ø 20 3000 8.36 ST015 CG013 SP015
Stainless Steel Rod      
RS005 Ø 16 1200 1.87 ST010 GC005 SP010
RS011 Ø 16 1500 2.34 ST010 GC005 SP010
RS012 Ø 16 3000 4.68 ST010 GC005 SP010
RS016 Ø 20 1500 3.65 ST015 GC005 SP015
RS017 Ø 20 3000 7.30 ST015 GC005 SP015


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